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2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

Fitfactory Technology Ltd.

About us

Fitfactory enables manufacturers to SCALE their business by providing industry-leading applications that simplify digital transformation.

With over 400 companies using our simple-to-use solutions, we are a leading provider of MRP systems for manufacturing, engineering and treatments SMEs. Additionally, by providing a range of software from MRP, Scheduling, SFDC, Quality Management, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management and more, we support the end-to-end digitalisation of our customers.

Our SCALE model gives customers a complete digitalisation roadmap, allowing you to identify the right technology when you need it:

1. Streamline manufacturing operations through MRP and Scheduling software
2. Connect your factory across people, plant, products, processes & partners
3. Analyse real-time data to generate actionable insights & optimise performance.
4. Level-up customer service by sharing real-time data upstream and downstream.
5. Extend your supply chain ecosystem to increase resilience and mitigate risk.

By incorporating our 25 years of experience delivering manufacturing technology, the SCALE model helps to bridge the gap between technology and manufacturing industries to make digitalisation achievable for all.

What our customers said:
“AE Aerospace is working towards its vision of creating a “Glass Factory” where schedule, progress and available capacity data are available to customers at the touch of a button. To achieve this servitised model, we partnered with Fitfactory to use AeroDNA, Paperless, GreyBox, Asset Manager, CRM, and Insights to link our organisation together intricately. So now, everyone can see our plan, achievement and issues and act on them accordingly. This has seen an uplift in OEE, taking us from 28% to 35% within the first few months and laying the foundations to offer something truly different to our customers and move us yet further to being the world-class company we know we can be.”
– AE Aerospace

“The system has provided greater visibility of our processes, and it’s easy to share information around the business, so we can make decisions more effectively, and efficiently. As a result, booking in is now 50% faster, jobs to production is 30% quicker, and we’ve seen a rise in customer satisfaction.”
– Colour Anodising



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