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2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

National HIPIMS Technology Centre – UK

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The National HIPIMS Technology Centre offers industrial research services for functional materials for automotive, aeronautic, space, biomedical, microelectronics applications including – resistance to extreme environments, optical layers, photocatalytic, antimicrobial, semiconductors and plasmonic materials.

The National HIPIMS Technology Centre is one of a kind in the UK in its expertise and facilities. It delivers industrial research projects bringing a competitive advantage to businesses in the region, nationally and internationally.

High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) technology for coating deposition was upscaled for the first time at Sheffield Hallam University and is now marketed by industry worldwide.

HIPIMS coatings are unique in their density and adhesion to the substrate. They are used in harsh environments to protect against high temperature oxidation, wear and corrosion such as aerospace and power generation gas turbines, automotive engine components, hydraulic parts, cutting tools as well as in more delicate long life environments such as biomedical implants. The high density of the films brings performance enhancements in semiconductor wafer packaging, photovoltaic cell layers (absorber, back and front contacts) and antibacterial treatment.



Case Study: Environmentally friendly Mo- and W- doped Carbon coatings utilising tribo- chemical reactions to achieve “in-situ” formation of lubricious phases in conditions of boundary lubrication

Downsizing of combustion engines is a popular strategy to reduce fossil fuel consumption and therefore protect the environment. This approach however requires strict mechanical friction management. Diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coatings are extensively used for engine parts due to their excellent combination of low friction and improved wear resistance. However, it is quite challenging to use DLC

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Case Study: Novel HIPIMS deposited TiAlCN/VCN Nanoscale Multilayer PVD Coatings Dedicated to Machining of Al and Ti Alloys and MMC Materials

The demand for high speed machining of Al-, Ti- and Ni- based alloys as well as the new MMC materials is ever growing. However, metallurgical reactions at the cutting interface lead to Built Up Edge (BUE) formation resulting in high cutting forces, high surface roughness and short tool lifetime. Novel TiAlCN/VCN coatings utilising nanoscale multilayer

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