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1 & 2 November 2023

NEC, Birmingham

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1 & 2 Nov 2023 | NEC Birmingham



About us

Are you looking for help in your industrialization project ? 🔎
You developped a product but you still have details to adjust without knowing how to do it ?

I am here to help you in the industrialization way ! 💡🔧🦾

| PCBWay |

👨‍🔧 Our expertise field
Since 2014, PCBWay help worldwide societies in their industrialization projects by manufacturing PCB and mechanical pieces.

đź‘Ť A quality service
Our main goal is to provide a high-quality product which will respond to the needs of our clients.

đź‘Ą Our clients
Worldwide industrials. PCBWay works for societies from differents fields such as : Automotive, Aero, IOT, Robotics, Energies…

Our main activities are :
– PCB, PCBA from 1 to 30+ layers. FR4, Aluminium, HDI, Rogers, Flexible, Rigid Flex.
– Mechanical pieces made by CNC machines, sheet metal bending or laser cutting, 3D printing machines and injection moldings.
– Bootload PCB.
– Assembly mechanical pieces.
– Source differents components you’re looking for (wires, batteries, etc).

If you have any specific request, contact us! đź“©


Multi-Layers PCB

Multi-Layers PCB

PCBWay is a Multi Layer PCB manufacturer. We can produce PCB up to 32 Layers using different kind of customization (TG, Material, Surface finish, Soldermask

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Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB

PCBWay can also produce Flexible PCB up to 8 layers, with different kind of stiffeners (PI, FR4, Stainless Steal, Aluminium) and different kind of tapes.

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