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All of the matter that makes up our planet was formed from plasma generated during the Big Bang. Plasma is therefore capable of changing the surface condition of all kinds of materials. Harnessing this virtually unlimited potential is the vision that Plasmatreat holds. Plasma technology is already being used today in thousands of industrial applications to clean, pre-treat and coat manufactured and even natural surfaces. In the food industry as in medicine, contaminated surfaces can be sterilized effectively without requiring any wet chemical processes. In agriculture, plasma is used as an additional supporting technique to treat seeds and soils.

Plasma technology offers practically unlimited possibilities for designing safe and reproducible processes. In most areas it can replace complex and environmentally harmful methods. But the potential of plasma applications goes far beyond that: Plasma treatment is a primary enabler for the creation of completely new material combinations and processes. This results in high-grade surfaces and materials with specifically engineered properties for innovative products.

As globally leading experts in pre-treatment of surfaces under atmospheric conditions, we channel all our experience and our inventiveness into creating and implementing simple, effective and resource-conserving plasma processes in all conceivable application areas – for a better world.

New environmentally-friendly processes and end products.

Using dry Openair® plasma technology, many wet chemistry processes can be eliminated. Ultrafine cleaning with plasma already replaces entire washing processes, which makes drying that uses a lot of energy unnecessary. High efficiency plasma activation makes the use of environmentally hazardous and health damaging bonding agents and primers unnecessary. The significant improvement in adhesion enables the use of alternative, often water-based VOC-free paint and adhesive systems. All this means that Openair® plasma allows for new, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and products free of toxic substances.

New material freedom.

Openair® plasma technology makes it possible for industry to respond to continuously increasing demands on raw materials and materials efficiency, energy savings, and to avoid use of pollutants and chemicals. According to demea (source: Deutsche Materialeffizenz Agentur [German Materials Efficiency Agency]), material costs represent the greatest share of costs by far, at approx. 45.4%, even ahead of personnel costs. Previously incompatible materials can be bonded to each other for the first time in industrial manufacturing by using Openair® plasma treatment. Non-polar plastics, for example, are selectively provided with the characteristics required for further processing of areas for painting and bonding. Alternative, more cost-effective, lighter or more stable materials or even recycled materials, for example, can be used. A new freedom in materials usage is coming into being.

Innovation with plasma technology: new applications for all areas of industry.

The potential range of applications using Openair® plasma technology is inexhaustible. In many areas of industry, treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma is already firmly established. In other areas – say, in life sciences and new forms of energy, but also in aviation and aerospace – intensive research is being conducted on new application solutions. Today, there are already ground-breaking successes in protective coating of solar cells, the development of fuel cells, and innovative lightweight construction with carbon fibre materials. Initial tests in the treatment of human skin further demonstrate the extensive potential of plasma technology in future breakthroughs.


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