Advanced Engineering 2021 | Engineer a more efficient future

The UK’s leading annual gathering of OEMs and engineering supply chain professionals

3 & 4 November 2021 | NEC, Birmingham

The UK’s largest annual gathering of OEMs and engineering supply chain professionals

4 & 5 November 2020 | NEC, Birmingham

The UK’s largest annual gathering of OEMs and engineering supply chain professionals

4 & 5 November 2020. NEC, Birmingham

Advanced Engineering Talks.
Welcome to our newly-launched Digital Event Series: Live and On-demand

January 2021 will see the launch of Advanced Engineering’s enhanced digital offering – AE Talks.

AE Talks exists to create an active dialogue between engineering manufacturing professionals, designers, product manufacturers, technology innovators and OEMs.

The digital series is focused on uniting our specifier and manufacturing supply chain communities and enabling high-quality networking, lead generation and the ability to do business.

Each AE Talk will put the spotlight on a key industry sector with a high-profile keynote, and sessions to showcase the related cutting-edge solutions and innovations available.

Brands who participate in AE Talks will offer attendees a wealth of technical information plus the ability to have live dialogue with each brand’s support teams.

For more information on sponsoring an AE Talks event click the button below.

Upcoming Session...

AE Talks - Aerospace Edition

Thursday 18th February 2021 | 2pm -5pm GMT

Keynote Session - Chris Gear, Project Director for FlyZero

FlyZero – how the UK is leading a revolution in zero-carbon air travel

What is FlyZero?

FlyZero is a strategic research project designed to secure a lead for the UK in future zero-carbon emission air travel led by the ATI and backed by the UK government.

A little bit about Chris…

Chris Gear has led major strategic projects, including in the areas of disruptive and novel technologies and has expansive experience in the aerospace industry. As chief technology officer for GKN Aerospace from 2014 to 2019, he ran the global technology department for the engineering group.

Previously, as vice president & chief engineer of GKN Aerospace, Chris led the engineering and technology team. His vast experience covers many aspects of the FlyZero programme, from design and research to manufacturing process development, operational costs, product strategies and airworthiness.

Other confirmed sessions include...

ZeroAvia’s zero-emission powertrain: heralding the era of truly green aviation

Julian Renz, Business Development and Project Manager at ZeroAvia will be leading an informative session on embracing the future of environmentally friendly, zero-emission aviation. This is a session you won’t want to miss….

Latest session...

AE Talks #8

Volkswagen Group: Leading the Charge into an Electrified Future

Tuesday 8 December 2020 | 11:00am (GMT)

The Volkswagen Group are in the vanguard of the changeover to electrified, connected and autonomous cars. In this session led by Oliver Larkin, Head of Group Corporate and Public Relations at Volkswagen Group in the UK we will hear:

  • Why Volkswagen Group is so focused on climate change – and the opportunity it affords
  • Their approach to electric cars
  • Their approach to battery cells
  • Their approach to software and connectivity
  • Initiatives on e-mobility within the UK

Previous session...

AE Talks #7

Look but don't touch: 5 reasons to use optical surface metrology from Polytec

Tuesday 1 December 2020 | 11:00am (GMT)

Joe Armstrong, International Sales, will discuss some of the primary benefits of optical surface metrology to explain the when, where, why and what of the subject.  He will even include a little bit of the how!

Here’s what you can expect to learn…

  • Why optical metrology?
  • What is coherence scanning interferometry?
  • What size is the right size to measure – from the football pitch to the penalty spot and down to the blade of grass?
  • Which result do you need: flatness, dimension, step height, defect or texture?
  • Case study for additive manufacturing  – when does shape become texture?

Previous session...

AE Talks #6

Never let a good crisis go to waste - Understand your supply chain to bounce back stronger

Thursday 26 November 2020 | 11:00am (GMT)

Firms neither exist nor compete in isolation. Their fates are tied up with those of their supply chain partners. This raises an important question: Do you really know your company’s supply chain? The Covid-19 pandemic showed that many companies were “flying in the dark” with limited understanding of their supply chain.

The goal of this session is to discuss key actions for navigating through the crisis in the short, medium, and long term and also how an improved understanding of your supply chain can help you to achieve your objectives.

Previous session...

AE Talks #5

Funding your innovation: Navigating the R&D Tax Relief Landscape with FI Group

Wednesday 11 November 2020 | 11:30am (GMT)

Join FI Group, leading global consultancy in R&D tax incentives, in this informal fireside chat. Topics will include the qualifying R&D activities that are often overlooked, the importance R&D tax relief plays in ongoing mitigation and what impact latest legislation might have on your future claim process. 

The session will be followed by a short Q&A where attendees are invited to ask away! 

Leading the session will be:

Amber Farrington, R&D Tax Consultant, FI Group 

Amber is an R&D tax consultant at FI Group and has experience working across many different R&D tax schemes, including in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, and Singapore.  

Mark Denscombe, Key Account Manager, FI Group

With a career spanning finance and professional services, Mark brings a wealth of experience (client and agency side) to the role of Key Account Manager. Prior to joining FI Group, Mark headed up Business Development in London for an ex-Big 4 partnered specialist tax advisory, with a focus on R&D tax relief across multiple sectors. 

Amber Farrington

Previous session...

AE Talks #4

Manufacturing Made Smarter: Innovation in Digital Manufacturing with Dr Ben Farmer

Thursday 5 November 2020 | 11:00am (GMT)

The UK government announced last month that businesses with creative ideas to boost UK’s manufacturing capacities are set to receive £300 million of joint government and industry funding.

Through the Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge, the government will invest £147 million – backed by further funding from industry – to support businesses implement new tech to boost their manufacturing productivity, helping them reach new customers, create thousands of new highly skilled jobs, slash carbon emissions and reduce prices for consumers.

Are you interested in learning about the various launched and planned initiatives for the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund area, organised by Manufacturing Made Smarter?

This session of AE Talks will have Dr Ben Farmer give detailed information on these initiatives,  covering which Industrial Digital Technologies are seen by different businesses as enabling, and give information and opinions on which initiatives you personally could benefit from engaging in.

This session will be run by Dr Ben Farmer, Deputy Challenge Director – Manufacturing Made Smarter at Innovate UK


Previous session...

AE Talks #3

Digital Twins for accelerated Product Development

Thursday 10 September 2020 | 11:00am
Dr Mark-Paul Buckingham
Managing Director of Xi Engineering Consultants Ltd

By combining the real and virtual world we can assess products in much greater detail and gather a greater understanding. Historically a product was only measured before it left the factory and if it returned broken after use. Today we can continuously collect data to improve or understanding of its usage, optimise its requirements for maintenance and improve future product generations. Combining this with a virtual version or Digital Twin allows rapid development in an accelerating world.


Dr Mark-Paul Buckingham is the Managing Director of Xi Engineering Consultants Ltd. He achieved first-class honours in mechanical and completed a PhD in mechanical engineering, specialising in the measurement of vibration reduction. Xi Engineering helps clients to accelerate their research & development, solving complex engineering problems by applying advanced Multiphysics simulation and measurement techniques. Dr Buckingham has more than ten years of experience in managing technical projects and he is regularly asked to speak at international conferences on topics such as Digital Twin and Industry 4.0

Previous session...

AE Talks #2:

Covid-19 – Using digitalisation to adapt and survive in manufacturing

Thursday 6 August 2020 | 11:00am

Ian Gardner, MBCS CITP, Distinguished Technical Specialist, Industry 4.0 Solutions Architect, IBM

Ian Gardner discusses the convergence of technologies including 5G, Additive Manufacturing, and AI, and the subsequent effects and challenges of the current crisis in relation to these on our businesses. Digitalisisation will have to accelerate, but how will the technology help in the way we work in the new normal?

Including examples and practical ideas to help you gain resilience for the future, Ian’s webinar will welcome questions and interactivity from the audience.

Ian Gardner

Previous session...

AE Talks #1

How to Future-proof your Career: The Route to becoming a Chartered Engineer Advanced Engineering and the IET

Thursday 16 July 2020 | 11:00am

Adam Parnell and Fiona Harvie discuss everything you need to know to make a start on your professional registration application or even to begin professionalising your engineering workforce.

An introduction to professional registration with the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the session covered membership with the IET along with membership benefits. An introduction to professional registration and the UK-SPEC, working towards becoming a chartered engineer and a walkthrough guide on the application process for both company-wide and individuals along with further support available.

Head shot - Fiona Harvie

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