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2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

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Mr Musk calls fuel cells ‘fool cells’, but we shouldn’t ignore hydrogen

Mr Musk calls fuel cells ‘fool cells’, but we shouldn’t ignore hydrogen London, 24/02/2022 I’ve often heard people ask why we don’t just develop more hydrogen cars, and leapfrog the whole battery electric vehicle (BEV) option that is now so firmly underway. After all lithium-ion batteries are expensive, heavy and pose some big sustainability challenges.

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Formula 1 vs Formula E – racing towards change?

Formula 1 vs Formula E – racing towards change? London, 23/02/2022 While the race to net-zero and the ‘all-electric’ future continues to be a focal point of the automotive industry, will this ‘green future’ extend to the world of Formula 1?  Back in November 2019, F1’s CTO announced not only that F1 cars would no

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‘T’ – time for the future workforce

‘T’ – time for the future workforce London, 24/01/2022 Will the UK’s new alternative to A-Levels help solve the manufacturing skills gap? This September, the UK’s first ‘T-Level’ courses in engineering and manufacturing will take on their inaugural cohort of students. They should be welcomed by the industry, but is there still enough to engage

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The pros and cons of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – the pros and cons of the new industrial revolution London, 21/01/2022 The new industrial revolution is here. We’ve come a long way from the first industrial revolution in the 1700-1800s when mechanised production processes were revolutionised with the introduction of automated and semi-automated machinery, making many manual production methods obsolete. Now, over

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Tis the season!

As we come towards the end of another challenging year, the UK advanced manufacturing sector though hit hard, has maintained a level of resilience against what has seemed like a perfect storm. Indeed, despite the average person’s perceptions on the street, the sector remains of vital importance to the economy and internationally. However, the realities

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Engineering not only is back, it never went away!

That was the verdict from just one of the many inspiring comments from the visitors and exhibitors at last month’s Advanced Engineering. And I couldn’t have put it better myself. Despite the challenges of the past couple of years, this November’s event produced one of the most exciting buzzes and busiest attendance levels ever. It

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Driving sustainability forwards

If you were a horse in the early 1900s, you’ll have likely had an empty diary. The automobile was rapidly taking over the roads and putting horses, and related industries, out to pasture. History seems to be repeating itself a century on, with the electric vehicle (EV) promising to make the internal combustion automobile a thing of the past. But are supply chains equipped to cope with such dramatic market changes? Here, Aleiya Lonsdale, head of marketing for the largest engineering event in the UK, Advanced Engineering UK discusses the challenges the automotive supply chain face.

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Qimtek review of Advanced Engineering 2021

Thank you to Qimtek for their review of Advanced Engineering 2021. You can read the original article here, and visit Qimtek’s website here. Sarah Venning, Sales & Marketing Content Writer As one of the UK’s largest shows dedicated to manufacturing and engineering, Advanced Engineering is always an extremely popular choice amongst exhibitors and visitors alike.

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COP26 and the manufacturing supply chain

It is surely significant that next week’s Advanced Engineering overlaps with the UN’s Cop 26 meeting. Although not a deliberate act of scheduling, the underlying driver behind both events is becoming increasingly similar. So, what do we think are the most immediate advanced engineering and manufacturing challenges required to meet these much-vaunted targets and how

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