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2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

VERICUT Additive Module


VERICUT’s additive module simulates both the additive and traditional machining options (milling or turning) of new CNC hybrid machines.

Simulation of laser cladding and other additive processes that build up material. VERICUT reads laser parameters and controls laser power as well as carrier gas and metal powder flow directly from the NC program. This ensures the correct and collision-free use of additive CNC systems.

VERICUT 8.2 adds even more realism to additive simulation, and detects many common error conditions programmers face when creating additive parts. Additive material can be applied “as programmed” via the additive path, or projected to the part surface for a more “natural” deposition behaviour. With projection, material build rates vary based on changes in bead overlap, acute corner motions, and starting/stopping at the same location – all of which can cause unpredictable material build-up. Users can verify that laser focal distance stays within the tolerance range required for proper cladding, and that excessive material “overhang” conditions do not exist, which can lead to improper adherence. Warnings are given for non-conforming additive conditions to help programmers determine when additive strategies are likely to fail, or when it may be beneficial to make a milling cut.