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Venue Information

Advanced Engineering | 1 & 2 November 2023

Here you’ll find all the practical information you’ll need for your visit to Advanced Engineering. If you have any further questions make sure to contact a member of the team here.

Address of Venue

Halls 3 & 3a
National Exhibition Centre (NEC)
B40 1NT

Show open:

Wednesday 1 November | 09:00 – 17:00
Thursday 2 November | 09:00 – 16:00

You must be 16+ to attend

Book your access for loading and unloading at NEC

Improving efficiency for exhibitors and contractors delivering during build-up and breakdown is an essential factor for a successful show. 

NEC is adopting the Carbon Voyage Control pre-show vehicle booking system for deliveries to the show floor to ensure clarity in terms of access and to reduce waiting times.

For a seamless process it is essential that all vehicles needing access the venue’s loading bays are pre-booked on the NEC Carbon Voyage Control System.

Please use the following link to book your slot:

 Any exhibitor or contractor vehicles that are not booked system will be denied access to the loading bays by the on-site traffic team. 

If you have any questions regarding your booking, please contact the NEC traffic team directly on

Venue Enquires

Prior permission from the operations team is required for all rigging requirements.

For Water, waste, compressed air please contact the NEC directly on

Tel: +44 (0)844 338 8338

These vary considerably throughout the venue, so please notify the organiser of any

unusually heavy items to be brought on site/exhibited.

The Organisers will provide a pre-clean of all stands prior to show open and on the open days provide daily cleaning of the halls, the gangways, and carpets on the stands. The cleaning of exhibits is not included. Charges will be made direct to the exhibitor for the removal of excess waste.

Exhibitors and contractors must arrange the removal of materials and waste produced by working demonstrations of exhibits and stand fitting materials, crates and exhibits abandoned within the NEC. 

Exhibitors wanting to provide hospitality on their stand or would like to have catering delivered to their stand should contact NEC Catering. Any Exhibitor providing refreshments to visitors must comply with the Provision of Food Hygiene Regulations found in the Health & Safety.

Cloakrooms will operate but all parties should be encouraged to only bring what is required. It is £2 per item, all payments are cashless. 


Please refer to our official website:

For full details, please visit:

BY ROAD: Connected motorways: M6, M40 and M42. The NEC has its own on-site car parks. Just pop B40 1NT in your sat nav.

BY RAIL: Birmingham International Station, connected to the NEC by a covered bridge link.

BY AIR:  Birmingham International Airport is situated a few minutes from the NEC.

Each exhibiting company will receive one free car park ticket to exit the car park without charge, which can be collected from the organiser’s office onsite.

Additional parking will be available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Vehicles can be pre-booked up to 24 hours in advance by visiting the parking on the NEC website. Please refer to this page for parking rates. Overnight parking is not allowed.

NEC Exhibitor Parking

By pre-booking your parking, you won’t have to queue at the machines and it is cheaper to book in advance.

Delivery Information

To receive orders onsite please use the below information.


Halls  3 & 3a
National Exhibition Centre (NEC)
B40 1NT UK


Please note if you are not at your stand at the point of delivery, your order will be provided to GES. You will need to pay a holding charge £25 

Legal Requirements and Guidelines

Demonstrations & Advertising on Stands

For any demonstrations planned, you will need to inform the Operations team. This will be required in advance of the event and with an accompanying Risk Assessment.

Please ensure that music and commentary for demonstrations, videos, presentations etc., are kept at a level which does not interfere with neighboring stands. You must obtain a license from the Performing Rights Society to cover composers’ royalties. All details must be supplied direct to the society.

For further information please contact:

Performing Right Society Ltd   +44 (0)800 068 4828

Elwes House                                         

13 Church Walk






Any EU exhibitor that intends to transport their own goods with them to the UK should obey the same rules as if they were using a third party transport company and they would need to arrange export entry from the original country (ideally prior to arrival at the EU exit port). If they arrive at the EU exit port without the export customs entry and other applicable documents (customs invoice, permits, export licences, health certificates), they will not be permitted to transport the goods to the UK.

Courier shipments

International exhibitors planning to send goods via courier from outside the EU, should not send directly to the venue but to a permanent address of a company with a registered EORI number (like GES Logistics). On the courier document the destination import duties and taxes MUST be prepaid to the senders account. Should you require further information / assistance, please contact GES Logistics (email:

In order to assist exhibitors, GES Logistics operate a courier receiving service. For a small amount per package they will receive, check, label and deliver your goods to your stand. Please ensure that you book this service with GES Logistics and send them the courier note in order that they may be able to track your goods down. Please note if no-one is on your stand, the courier will automatically be diverted to GES Logistics onsite.

EORI number / HMRC regulations:

GES has a wide variety of specialist exhibition forwarding agents throughout the world, they can offer solutions to your exhibitors in their own language, they also have a great knowledge of customs formalities throughout the world, how long goods take to get to the destination and how exhibitors can work within their budget. The sooner we are able to talk to overseas exhibitors, the sooner we can offer them solutions. GES also has a guarantee in place with HMRC, this allows us to import exhibition goods without having to pay the duty and VAT, providing we export the goods after the exhibition.

Exhibitors from outside the UK can apply for a UK EORI number via the HMRC website (, the process normally takes around 2 weeks and they will be eligible to reclaim the VAT on any permanently imported goods directly with UK customs authorities (HMRC), not via Easyfairs or GES Logistics. Alternatively, GES Logistics can arrange importation into the UK under their EORI number but VAT reclaim would not be possible.

For any goods that are for temporary import into the UK, exhibitors using their own EORI number would need to pay duties and VAT on deposit to HMRC and then reclaim would be on re-export directly with HMRC. Alternatively, GES have a guarantee account with HMRC and they can suspend payment of duties and VAT under re-exportation of the goods (GES Logistics would need to arrange services, in order to use this account).

Large/heavy exhibits

If you plan to exhibit a large or heavy piece of equipment or vehicle, please contact GES Logistics at the earliest time. Heavy Lifts by crane or forklift will be scheduled in advance. GES Logistics will schedule move-in and move-out of any large and heavy exhibits.

Lifting and handling onsite

GES Logistics have been appointed as our handling company. They are the preferred contractor for freight forwarding and storage, please contact them on +44 (0)121 782 4446 or


It is not permissible to store packing materials (cases, pallets etc.) in the hall. GES Logistics will operate an empty case storage service: they will tag, remove, store and return your empty packing materials on request. Please order this service in by contacting the team on +44 (0)121 782 4446 or You must not store any packing materials (cases, pallets etc.) behind your stand, as this will cause a fire hazard. any items seen to be stored behind stands will need to be removed.


Whilst we will take every precaution to ensure security and safety at our exhibitions, we do not accept any liability for loss or damage to any exhibitor’s property. You are also responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties up to a limit of indemnity of £5,000,000.  In addition to this you should consider insuring your expenditures against abandonment and cancellation or curtailment of the event due to reasons beyond our control. 

If you have purchased an Exhibitor insurance package through Easyfairs please see show website for details, please be aware that you will only be covered if you have paid your invoice in full. Insurance is a requirement for exhibiting at this show.

Any demonstrations/hazardous material on site must have the relevant clearance from Health

& Safety. If in doubt, please contact who will be able to advise accordingly.

Additionally, if you are a Space Only a risk assessment/method statement must be completed. Please send all information to  

Public Liability Insurance

Exhibitors are reminded that in accordance with the Rules and Regulations they MUST take out adequate insurance cover. Whilst we take every precaution, we are not responsible for damage or loss to stand fittings and exhibits. We must also draw your attention to Public Liability cover and the increasing numbers of claims against exhibitors and service providers for trips and falls. 

A specialist Exhibition Policy would adequately cover you for your property and Public Liability insurance, which in the event of any loss or claim would not affect any ss Policy.

Electrical Regulations

For safety and liability reasons, only the official electrical contractors, may carry out wiring and installation work at Advanced Engineering.  GES are the official Contractor for the exhibition; they are responsible and will carry out all work on the stands. Pre-fabrication is permitted but connection to the mains and all on-site wiring must be carried out by GES electricians.

The electrical facilities in the hall are subject to the regulations of the Local Authority and the venue. If the exhibitors’ power supply system is found to be faulty, or if it does not confirm to the relevant regulations in every aspect, the Organisers shall be entitled to refuse the connection of the system and/or the supply of power without recourse until the fault has been remedied.

We ask that you closely observe the deadline date for ordering electrical connections, to ensure that all orders can be processed, and services supplied in good time.

Power connections are made as soon as possible to each stand. If you intend to dress your stand on the Wednesday morning, please note that electricity may not be available immediately.

Power to all stands will be switched off each night 30 minutes after the show closes, unless a 24hr supply has been ordered in advance

Please contact the Operations team directly if you require a specific quote for a machinery main or a specific electrical supply.

Fire Regulations

All display materials must be flame retardant and conform to the UK legislation and eGuide. Failure in this will entail the removal of the offending fittings. All materials used in the building, decorations and coverings of stands must be approved, non-flammable materials. No explosives, flammable fluids or combustible materials may be used on any stand or stored within the venue. Fire Laws must be strictly observed, and wiring must comply with local regulation. A fire marshal may examine all stands, aisles, fire exits, and/or any other items at any time.

Compressed air

Use of gases will only be permitted where essential, by exception, and where evidenced in a Risk Assessment as a special risk. A certificate of installation by a GAS SAFE registered fitter is required for LPG installations. Only one cylinder can be kept on the stand at any one time. Cylinders which have never contained gas (as opposed to cylinders which have been emptied) may be used for display purposes.

Patents & Copyrights

Exhibitors must comply with all relevant provisions of the Copyright Design and Patent Act of 1988.  Applications should be lodged with the Patents Office, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1A.  for more information.


Any exhibitor choosing to use contractors, must ensure they conduct their business appropriately. Any contractor deemed by the venue or Show Management team to be working in an unsafe, un-responsible and/or in any other manner deemed inappropriate, will be asked to leave immediately. The contracting exhibitor will be responsible for sourcing an alternative supplier to complete any unfinished work and will be liable for any costs incurred for delay to build up times.

Please ensure that your Contractor receives a copy of this Exhibitor Manual. Details on how to access the halls for build-up will be sent out 2 weeks before the show. Please ensure you forward this information to your contractor.

Age Limit/Children

No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the hall during the build-up and breakdown period. Please consult our official website to find out about the age limit during open times.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety footwear and high visibility jackets must be worn during the construction phases of the build, as a minimum. Additional PPE identified in the exhibitor’s/contractor’s Risk Assessment must also be worn. Any person not wearing the appropriate items for the activities they are performing, will be asked to leave until they have acquired the necessary items.

Please ensure that you have the appropriate PPE for each member of your team before you arrive onsite, failure to do so will delay entry into the halls.


There will be constant security cover at the exhibition. The Organisers will take every reasonable precaution throughout the Exhibition; however, organisers’ security is designed to secure the exhibition hall, not the contents of individual stands.

Exhibitors should remember that exhibition halls are very vulnerable places and should take appropriate precautions against theft, ensuring that their goods are safeguarded. Exhibitors should not leave their stands unattended during the build-up, breakdown, or open hours of the show, and they must ensure that Exhibitor Badges are worn at all times.

Any incidents of theft must be reported immediately to the Organisers’ so that security can be informed, and incident reports can be written. Please note the following security advice regarding exhibiting at shows:

Build-up and breakdown: These are the most vulnerable times for theft. Ensure that there are at least two representatives setting up or dismantling your stand so that the stand is never left unattended. It is important that all products and portable items should be removed from your stand on the first evening of breakdown.

Sufficient staffing: Be sure to have enough staff to man your stand at all times. Never ask a neighbouring Exhibitor to watch your They may become busy and leave your stand unattended.

Avoid leaving your stand each evening before all visitors have cleared the exhibition hall, and ensure your stand is staffed prior to the show opening (remember the exhibition hall will be open from 8am for other Exhibitors and maintenance staff).

Lockable Cabinets: There is no cabinet included in your package. We do, however, recommend you have somewhere to lock away briefcases, mobile phones, handbags and laptops etc. during the day – even when you are on the stand. If you are busy, you may not notice if they are Please note – most hired cabinets have common locks and should not be regarded as completely secure units.

 NB: Please make sure adequate arrangements have been made to insure your goods, as Easyfairs are not liable for any loss, damage or accident that may occur to any Exhibitors property (hired or purchased) or personnel. Therefore, Exhibitors MUST arrange full insurance cover.

Dilapidations & floor covering

Exhibitors are liable for any damage they may cause to buildings, floors, walls, and columns or to any shell scheme equipment or any other Exhibitor’s property. Exhibitors are also responsible for any damage caused by their agents or contractors. No Exhibitor may apply paint, lacquer, adhesives or coatings to the building or shell scheme, or drill holes into the floor.

The Organisers will inspect every site before erection and after demolition of the stands and any damage caused will be charged directly to the Exhibitor. This includes a charge for removing any carpet tape or heavy building waste left behind.

All stands require appropriate floor covering. The hall floor cannot be exposed. Floorcovering can be ordered from the shop accessed via your ‘My Easyfairs’ account. If you are laying your own floorcovering, please ensure you use exhibition approved carpet tape which will not leave marks on the hall floor when it is removed. Other forms of fixing to the hall floor, such as cable clips, nails and bolts are prohibited. Please be advised that all carpet tape must be removed at the end of the show to avoid any dilapidations charges.


Any sale or supply of alcohol at the show must be agreed and licensed by the venue. Selling alcohol for consumption at the show is not permitted.  Please note that there should be no consumption of alcohol during build up and breakdown.

Distribution of promotional material & demos

Exhibitors may only conduct business and distribute literature from within their stand, not in the gangways or any other part inside or outside of the Hall. Exhibitors must not take delegates away from the event to another business’ premises, nor host competing events onsite. All activities and demonstrations (e.g. the operation of machines, video and film shows etc.) must be reported in the exhibitor’s Risk Assessment and have the approval of the Operations team. The Operations team is entitled to restrict or prohibit such demonstrations, even if consent has previously been given, if they interfere with the Exhibition.

Noise levels & music system

Music and commentary for demonstrations, videos, presentations etc., using music systems such as a Public Address (PA) or AV Equipment etc., also requires authorization. Exhibitors must ensure the sound is kept to an acceptable level (below 80 decibels from the edge of the stand) and does not disturb adjacent exhibitors. In case of dispute, the Show Management’s decision will be final.

Exhibitors Badges and EasyGo

Exhibitor Badges

Register your stand personnel via your MyEasyfairs account and badges will be available for collection onsite during build-up.

To access during build you will be issued with a wristband upon arrival to the halls.

Smart Badge Readers

You may have multiple Smart Badge scanners as part of your stand package, so be sure to check in your MyEasyfairs account. These are an invaluable sales tool for your stand, allowing you to promote specific products/services and collect data on visitors to your stand. Make sure you assign your Smart Badge readers in MyEasyfairs ahead of the show and brief your stand personnel on how to employ these vital tools to maximise your ROI. If you have any queries regarding your Smart Badge readers, please contact Charlotte Taylor
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