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Third Dimension launch first in new range of GapGun handheld feature measurement tools

Third Dimension have taken the industry standard to a new level with the GapGun Pro2 and T series sensor heads. Designed for the increasing needs of automotive metrology and quality control professionals, a dedicated team of engineers have spent 3 years to build cutting-edge technology into the 25+ year established GapGun.

© Third Dimension Advanced Manufacturing


Many NHS hospitals have run out of face masks for their staff. GRP Solutions has been supporting a number of hospitals around the country giving them what we have but have now nearly exhausted our supplies.

© GRP Solutions

Dyson vacuums up thousands of orders for its new ventilator prototype

The companies will start making up to 30,000 ventilators from next week to help the NHS fight Covid-19

© The Guardian

Welsh hospital creates new purifying ventilator for self-care, releasing specialist nurses for other duties

A new ventilator, a virus-killing snood and a hands-free door pull are just some of the innovations coming out of Wales to tackle coronavirus.

© BBC News

London start-up OneWeb launches more satellites, and its online network is more important than ever

A Soyuz rocket lifted off from Baikonur, carrying 34 more spacecraft into orbit to continue the build-up of the firm’s broadband internet constellation.

© BBC News

Repurposing of manufacturing to beat virus is not limited to engineering firms alone

Firms including Zara, Nivea and Dyson are switching output to make needed equipment.

© The Telegraph

Scott Bader launches new structural adhesive

Crestabond M7-04 is a toughened, two component 1:1 acrylic structural adhesive designed for bonding composites, thermoplastics and metals.

© Scott Bader

Can this company have discovered the future of car production?

Proprietary AM techniques combine with smart thinking to eliminate hard tooling for the astronomically fast 21C Hypercar.

© Production Engineering Solutions

Dr.Cedeno-Campos, Prof. Fairclough and Mr. Jaramillo and the Composite Systems Innovation Centre

Composites are lightweight but strong materials. Their applications range from aircraft and automotive parts, wind turbines to bespoke sports equipment. However, to create bespoke designs or one-off production, making moulds is expensive. We research parts production without moulds but that tailor the fibre alignment in order to retain the strength

© University of Sheffield

British Science Week coincides with welcome government investment in STEM

Future scientists, mathematicians and engineers from all backgrounds are set to benefit from the government’s £179M investment announced this month.

© Production Engineering Solutions

New UK electric van prototype reflects GEELY's £500m investment

LEVC’s new hybrid-electric van prototype comes out of its Coventry facility, with a 30% lighter body, and ability to absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel.

© Production Engineering Solutions

SMMT calls for solid UK-EU deal to drive growth

There is understandable concern about the figures published by the SMMT this week showing an auto slow-down in 2019; but there is evidence for great potential too, not least from the demonstrable growth in alternatively fuelled car output. The SMMT is pushing to achieve a world class FTA to maintain and grow this vital part of the UK economy and capability.


Uber's deal with Nissan to benefit Sunderland and the Capital

Uber’s recent order of 2,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles not only provides more business for the North East plant, but benefits Londoners by adding to Ubers goal for every London car on the app to be fully carbon-free from 2025.

© Production Engineering Solutions

New composites tech could speed up aircraft manufacture

MIT researchers have devised a way to manufacture autoclave-formulated aerospace-grade advanced carbon fiber composites without using applied pressure from an autoclave or oven.

© Aerospace Manufacturing

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