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30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Inspiring the future of engineering and manufacturing

Last year, Advanced Engineering 2023 launched with a fresh and future-focused rebrand

Advanced Engineering has rebranded to celebrate the evolution and developments in the industrial sector.

Keeping the strong heritage of the event you’ve known for 14 years, the new branding now reflects the innovation we see in our industry every day.

The Advanced Engineering Team did months of research. We spoke to our advisory board and over 200 exhibitors, visitors and speakers to make these future-proof changes to the show.

Restructured floor plan

We have opted to remove the show zones from the exhibition floor. The long-established Composites Zone will remain. From research, the show zones felt limiting to both visitors and exhibitors. We learnt that visitors often visited the entire show floor, and not just their specific industry zone.

Exhibitors will now be categorised via their services, products and solutions. They will be able to highlight the specific industries they work in for visitors. This removes previous limitations created by the specific show zones.

Why we do it

Our vision is to serve as the premier connection for the manufacturing and engineering sectors, uniting key industry stakeholders in a dynamic environment where future trends are shaped.

We are committed to empowering our exhibitors, supporting them to achieve their objectives, fostering innovation, and thriving in a competitive landscape.

Our mission extends to inspiring new generations, cultivating talent, sharing knowledge, and sparking innovation to sustain the industry’s momentum for years.

For our visitors, we aspire to create an unparalleled platform that empowers them to contribute to securing the industry’s future and drive transformative change.

Central to our vision is a firm belief in the vitality and potential of the UK’s manufacturing sector. We are dedicated to shaping the Advanced Engineering event to be a pivotal avenue to elevate the industry to the global forefront, championing collaboration, excellence, and innovation.

Increased visitor reach

We have dedicated time and budget to increase visitors attending the show from all sectors. As always, this includes visitors from Aerospace, Space, Automotive and Composites. However we are putting a strong focus on also bringing decision-makers, buyers and experts from:

  • Marine
  • Defence & Security
  • Rail
  • Energy
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Medical

We shine a spotlight on innovation

We share the newest and best products, innovations and solutions from our exhibitors via the Innovation Trail. Make sure to also pay  visit to the Enabling Innovation zone to be the first to see the latest developments not yet brought to market.

We champion sustainability

We connect you to sustainable solutions to help you reach government net-zero targets. Follow the Sustainability Trail at the show to discover the exhibitors developing greener products. Make sure to look at the sessions covered in the sustainability track across all 5 forums.

We inspire collaboration

As a cross-sector show, we attract the entire supply chain across all industries to enable new and unexpected collaborations and projects. This is the place for you to meet the entire engineering industry under one roof

We help you to learn and do

Covering all industries across four forums, we bring the expertise of the engineering industry to you over two days of knowledge-sharing. Visit the forums to be inspired for your future projects and discover how to easily put your new ideas into practice.

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