Addressing the skills gap in the UK engineering and manufacturing industries

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Bridging the UK's manufacturing skills gap: Uniting for progress

Raising awareness and fostering collaboration among businesses, educational institutions, associations and the government can contribute to developing a skilled workforce capable of driving the UK’s manufacturing and engineering sector forward.

A campaign dedicated to amplifying efforts in the engineering and manufacturing sector to bridge the skills gap

Between engineers and innovation

Between diversity and manufacturing

Between young minds and engineering careers

why should we #MINDTHEskillsGAP?

0 %

of manufacturing companies agree that it will be difficult to fulfill the skills needed for 2030

0 %

of manufacturing businesses were concerned that their current workforce would leave the company*

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of current job openings have been difficult to fill due to a lack of required skills*

*2030 Skills – Closing the gap (Make UK report) 

Cause and effect

  • A massive skills shortage is affecting over 80% of businesses in engineering and manufacturing.
  • 20% of workers in the sector are expected to retire in the next 5 year
  • High demand for new skill sets, including automation, digitalisation, and robotics.
  • Reduced availability of skilled workers from EU countries, affecting the supply chain landscape.
  • 55% increase in “Green” engineering roles.
  • There are currently 95.000 vacancies in the manufacturing industry.

If you #MINDTHEskillsGAP, what can you do to be the bridge

They #MINDTHEskillsGAP

Join us in building bridges across the skills gap in engineering and manufacturing.


Every initiative, whether it’s upskilling your team, fostering new talent through apprenticeships, or advocating for diverse and inclusive policies, is a step towards closing this critical gap.

Share your stories and strategies under the banner of #MINDTHEskillsGAP to inspire and engage a broader community. Together, we are not just filling gaps—we are building a stronger, more connected industry.

Reach out if you want to get involve!

Charlie Taylor

Marketing Manager
+44 (0)20 3196 4363

Sonia Diaz

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