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30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Frequently Asked Questions

I've booked my stand...what now?

Advanced Engineering prides itself on not just being the UK’s leading annual event for the entire manufacturing and engineering industry, but on providing support to our exhibitors 365 days a year in an ongoing campaign.

If you’re a new exhibitor, or someone who would like more information about the tools available to you as part of your EasyGo package, you’re in the right place! You will be able to find the answers to frequently asked questions below as well as the relevant contacts for any further information you require below.

If your question is not answered here, please email charlotte.taylor@easyfairs.com or call 0203 196 4363.


We have currently been informed that emails are circulating claiming that for a fee we will share our visitor’s data with exhibitors. We draw your attention to the fact that Easyfairs, and by extension Advanced Engineering, does not sell any data and that these emails are scams from a 3rd party. We strongly recommend you to NOT open any enclosed links or documents in context with such faked offers. It may be a phishing attempt.

Please forward any suspecting phishing emails to charlotte.taylor@easyfairs.com and they will be passed on to our data team to be dealt with. 

You might think that now your stand is booked you’ve not got much to do until the lead-up to the show – but this isn’t the case!

Your stand booking includes one of our EasyGo packages – GoVisibility, GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium. The tools you have access to will depend on the EasyGo package you’ve selected. You can find out your selected package in your contract, or by logging into your MyEasyfairs account. The package you have selected will be seen at the top of the screen, and by clicking on ‘view packages’ you will be able to see the full offering included. You are able to upgrade your package at any time by clicking ‘request quote’ or contacting your sales representative.

My Easyfairs will be your central portal and requires actions from you at certain points throughout the year to ensure you have a successful show. We would recommend familiarising yourself with the portal at your earliest opportunity.  Find out more in the ‘What is My Easyfairs’ section below. 

If you have any questions regarding My Easyfairs or require help with your log-in details please contact charlotte.taylor@easyfairs.com

My Easyfairs is the online portal for exhibitors. Once you have booked your stand you will be given access to the portal. You can log in here. If you have any issues with your log in details please contact charlotte.taylor@easyfairs.com.

My Easyfairs is broken down into 4 easy-to-complete sections that you will be encouraged to complete throughout the year. These sections are:

  1. Manage your online profile
  2. Invite your clients & prospects
  3. Manage your stand
  4. Track your performance

You can find out more about each of these sections in the questions below. 

My Easyfairs is where you will set up your company profile, add your logo, add products and services that you offer, enter your submission for the innovation gallery, download your personalised banners and artwork, find your personal registration link, download and fill out the required forms, set up your smart readers and visit connect app and download your leads. 

My Easyfairs can (and should) be used throughout the year, and is included as a part of your EasyGo package.

Once you are signed up for the event you will receive your My Easyfairs login. This will be linked to the email address used for sales correspondence. Once you have set up your password and logged in to the platform you will be directed to a page that shows all Easyfairs shows you’re involved with – past, present and future.

Here, under ‘Events & Stands’ is where you can select the show profile you would like to edit. You can also add colleagues under ‘Manage Users’ and this will allow them to access My Easyfairs themselves. The final tab is ‘Manage Company’ where you can upload your logo and select your lead contact for Visit Connect (more information below).

Once you click the ‘Manage Stand’ button underneath the relevant year of Advanced Engineering, you will be prompted to complete the Set-Up wizard. Until this is completed you will not be able to access the rest of the My Easyfairs features. 

The Set-Up Wizard will take you through adding your…

  • Basic company info (stand name, contact email, website, address)
  • Company description
  • Categories (select from a list of categories that best describe your company’s offering)
  • Company logo (a 2:3 height:width ratio is best)
  • Products and services

If you have exhibited previously you will be able to copy across information from previous years profiles. To fill out your profile simply follow the instructions of the Set-Up Wizard.

Once you have completed the Set-Up Wizard you will be able to amend your details at any time via the ‘Manage your online profile’ tab. Here is a breakdown of the sections within this tab – 

  • Company information – basic and general information about your company that can be updated and amended throughout the year. This information pulls through to the Advanced Engineering website automatically.
  • Products & Services – the place to add the products you sell / services you offer. You can write individual descriptions, add images, pdfs, videos and links. These products automatically pull through to your profile on the Advanced Engineering website.
  • Innovations Gallery – submit your most innovative product here to apply for the Innovations Gallery. The Gallery features on the Advanced Engineering website and successful applicants will be highlighted as a part of the Innovation Trail at the live show.
  • News – post company and product news to enhance your profile for Advanced Engineering website visitors. The most engaging news will also be shared on Advanced Engineering’s social channels and within the AE monthly newsletter.
  • Job Ads – looking to hire? The visitors to the Advanced Engineering website consist of a wide variety of engineering professionals. Where better to post your vacancies! These job ads will show up on your profile on the website automatically.

Inviting your clients and prospects to attend the show is an integral aspect of ensuring the event is a success for you. The means of doing this can be found in the second tab of your My Easyfairs portal. Inviting your clients and prospects is broken down into 4 sections:

  • Registered visitors – once visitors register to attend the show through your personal invitation link you will be able to see their details here by clicking on ‘View your invitees’. 
  • Invitation Link – this is your personal link to invite your clients and prospects to attend the show. You can insert this unique link in emails, associate it with your email footer, share it on social media and more. You will be able to track those who register through it in the ‘Registered Visitors’ section. To get your link simply click ‘Invite your clients’ in the Invitation link box.
  • Email Invitation Service – did you know that we create personalised HTMLs to send out to your clients? There are 2 ways of doing this – you can:
    1) Click ‘Invite your clients’ under the Email Invitation Service section, read and sign the GDPR framework agreement, upload your contacts. A member of the Advanced Engineering team will then send out the emails on your behalf to your clients with your personal registration link and company name and stand information.
    2) You can email charlotte.taylor@easyfairs.com and request your personal HTML in .HTML or .txt format, upload this directly to your own email platform and send it out to your clients directly. Both of these options are included as a part of your EasyGo package.
  • Marketing Material – here is where you can access and download generic Advanced Engineering email and social banners to promote your involvement, as well as personalised banners with your stand number added. These will be made available around 6 months before the event. If cannot find your banner at this time please email charlotte.taylor@easyfairs.com.

Promoting your involvement in the show could not be more simple! 

Along with the banners and your personal registration link mentioned above, our PR team is dedicated to ensuring your company has promotions throughout the campaign. You can send any press releases to Jessica at Stone Junction – Jessica@stonejunction.co.uk

We also encourage you to share videos, images and links on social media tagging in Advanced Engineering and using the AE hashtag – #AEUK23. Our social media team will make sure to share your posts with our network.

Visit Connect is an included part of your package if you have selected GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium. Information about Visit Connect on MyEasyfairs can be found under the ‘Manage your stand’ section. 

Visit Connect is a highly useful lead-generation tool to use onsite at Advanced Engineering. Once set up, the web-based platform allows you to scan visitors badges and make notes on the conversations you have at the event, store the answers and download them after the show via My Easyfairs. 

Please note that Visit Connect is not included if you have a GoVisibility package.

Visit Connect allows you to qualify leads for easier follow-up after the event. Visit Connect is an exhibitor-led lead generation tool. Accessing leads is dependent on you reaching out to visitors and personally asking if you can scan their badges. Visitors will not receive any information about you or your stand that you do not directly send to them (unlike the smart badge reader – see below).

To set up the platform select the ‘Visit Connect’ option under the Manage your stand tab. Follow the instructions to gain access and scan the QR code. You will be taken to your personal platform via this unique QR code. 

Follow the set-up on the platform and you are ready to scan and qualify leads!  

Smart badge readers are included as part of your package across all EasyGo tiers. They are small, square devices attached to a cardboard stand that you can place on or around your stand. 

The smart badge readers are linked to your My Easyfairs profile – you can decide whether you would like it to link to your full profile or to one particular product or service, job ad or news item. To set up your smart badge reader, please select the ‘Smart Badge Technology’ option under ‘Manage your stand’ on My Easyfairs.

Each EasyGo package allows a different number of readers. These are – 

  • GoVisibility – 1 reader (leads cannot be downloaded, only the final number of taps will be available without upgrading to GoLeads)
  • GoLeads – 1 reader
  • GoPlus – 2 readers
  • GoPremium – 3 readers

Unlike Visit Connect which is an exhibitor-led lead generation technology, the smart badge readers are primarily a visitor-led technology. 

All visitors to Advanced Engineering will be given a smart badge upon entry to the event. This badge acts as a virtual event bag, business card exchange and post-event round-up. 

Visitors can tap their badge on the exhibitor’s smart badge reader, and post-event the visitor will be sent the information you have linked the reader to, and the exhibitor will receive the information of every visitor who touched their badge on their readers (excluding GoVisibility).

This technology is particularly useful if you have a busy stand and do not have a colleague free to speak to a waiting visitor. The visitor can simply tap their badge on the reader, receive your information without interrupting your conversation, and you will be able to follow up with them post-event.

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