Innovation Investment Zone

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Innovation Investment Zone

Meet 1-2-1 with innovators working with new materials and fabrication technologies to address your sustainability, cost and efficiency goals

Source new technologies and solutions by speaking with selected startups and SME innovators offering new and sustainable solutions in nanomaterials, design, processing, and fabrication technologies.

We’ll match you to innovators who can address your needs via one-to-one meetings in our Innovation Investment zone on the show floor this 1-2 November, free as part of your visit to Advanced Engineering!

Nanomaterials, Sustainable materials and Bio-materials

Are you looking for solutions in…

  • Applications of graphene and 2d materials
  • Sustainable raw materials and tech for traceability
  • End-of-life properties for future of recycling
  • Latest biomaterials and applications
  • Materials and composites to improve properties of lightweighting

Design and Fabrication Technologies

Are you looking for solutions in…

  • Improvements and technologies in additive manufacturing and injection moulding
  • Design and additive manufacturing for larger volume and size production
  • AI generative design
  • Solutions for gathering and using data for insights and decision-making

For start-ups and SMEs who are innovators

Our visiting OEMs and technology partners are keen to meet TTOs, startups and SMEs for one-to-one discussions offering potential investment and procurement opportunities at this year’s Advanced Engineering.

If your innovation falls within these technology areas, we are interested in matching your organisation with selected buyers, CTOs, Heads of R&D/Innovation etc, who would potentially like to pre-arrange a meeting with you in our dedicated ‘Innovation Investment’ area on the show floor during the event.

Advanced Engineering is the UK’s largest advanced engineering and manufacturing innovation event, with attendees spanning key manufacturing sectors including automotive, aerospace, motorsport, rail, medical, civil, and energy.

“A great event bringing multiple sectors together to show innovation in engineering,” Marcus Henry, Lightweight Research Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

See below the 2023 Innovation Investment zone networking sessions to get a taste for 2024!

Location: Composites Innovation Area W160

Places are limited.
As this is a free event we cannot guarantee that all the startups listed below will be available on the day but have been invited.

10.00-12.30: Innovation in design and fabrication technologies to reduce your waste, improve your costs, and compress your production times

2.00-4.00: Nanomaterials, sustainable materials, and biomaterials

Innovation in design and fabrication technologies to reduce your waste, improve your costs, and compress your production times.

3D Viewer Online
• 3DVieweronline is an online collaboration platform for 3D models that helps businesses reviewing their 3D work with customers and team members, speeding up the development process and identifying design issues sooner. With over 64 thousands registered users and used by over 17 industry sectors, 3DVieweronline is an essential tool for all engineering teams.
Aerospace Cutting Tool
• Aerospace Cutting Tools Ltd (ACT), are a micro design and project management consultancy company involved in many innovative projects but with many years of historical experience in hydraulic press design. Recent published patents include “XtractaDuct” a machine and process aimed at the telecoms and fibre deployment industry sector and fulfilling the sectors’ goal of civils avoidance.
• have developed a new Superplastic Forming/Diffusion Bonding (SPF/DB) machine construction that offers a cost-effective, affordable solution with the added advantage of increased process flexibility within a single unit. The new concept utilises all-electric actuators, eliminating the risk and costs associated with conventional, servo-controlled hydraulic systems used on current equipment.
• This will make the process of SPF/DB more affordable for future manufacturers by reducing manufacturing costs of the equipment by up to 50%, whilst reducing hydraulic energy costs by up to 85%. This new concept provides new opportunities for manufacturers’ within many sectors including aerospace, automotive, rail and medical through increased process availability leading to a supply chain expansion.

Cardiff University: Circular Hybrid Manufacturing Cardiff University

• Centres on recycling of metallic scraps to produce sustainable powders for metal AM processes, with an aim to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of conventional AM powder production routes. Post-processing of the AM-built parts are subsequently carried out to augment the parts’ surface integrity, mechanical properties and functional performance.

Cardiff University: Parc Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics and Inventory
• A joint University-Industry initiative that undertakes world-class research with impact in the fields of logistics and manufacturing operations management. We bridge the gap between theory and practice in these areas for the benefit of a sustainable economy, environment and society

Cardiff University: RemakerSpace

• Cardiff Business School and PARC Institute not-for-profit initiative dedicated to enabling the circular economy and ending planned obsolescence by extending the lifecycle of products.

Cardiff University: Blockchain
• Blockchain to develop digital material/product passport that drives circular economy practices in supply chains

Cardiff University: High Value Manufacturing Group

• Cutting edge research into materials, systems and technologies down to the micro/nano scale. The High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Group conducts world class research that has valuable impacts and applications in manufacturing industry.

Deep Design Systems
• Redefining traditional industrial design methodologies for ethical production optimization. To do this, we focus on protocol development and applied research in deep learning and strive to drive the state of the art to shape the future of the design process.

Deep Search Labs
• We are an AI search engine tailored for industry needs. Our platform serves a dual purpose.
• Firstly, it eliminates the cost burden of data from end users’ balance sheets, allowing them to explore the extensive data compiled by DSL over the years using a “map of information”. They can also create the same map of information using their own inhouse datasets and augment it with the data we have collected.
• Secondly, it operates as a junior AI analyst, enabling users to filter the map on industry, location, databases, date ranges, and visualize connected trends, entities, and understand connections. Using the map users can transform the data into comprehensive research reports of their desired length. We achieve this through advanced computational linguistics, machine learning, and generative AI technologies. We have therefore the following products: raw data, connected map of dataset, sentiment signals on any keywords, automated research, and application that brings all these together.


• Thermal analysis and design. Created on the forefront of the newest developments in topology optimization, generative design and machine learning.

Feraru Dynamics with Coventry University

• HAV Sentry: We aim our product, called HAV-Sentry, to prevent people developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) through their normal day to day activities in the construction, manufacturing and landscaping industry. Hands on Protection – Feraru Dynamics Ltd

Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

• An overview of the MTC with top level discussions on our core themes of automation, digital engineering (I4.0) and additive manufacturing MTC | Home | Transforming Industry for a Sustainable World (
• Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Engineering (Industry 4.0 & AI etc), Supply Chain Development, Production Optimisation and Future Skills.
• My linkedin details are here if you require photos or background info: Anthony McAndrew – Senior Strategic Account Manager – MTC – Manufacturing Technology Centre | LinkedIn

University of Oxford

• Robotics/Autonomy, AI, Machine Learning, Control Optimistaion, Active Vision, Civil & Offshore Engineering and Geotechnical, Intelligent Batteries, Tidal power, Power Eng, Impact Engineering, Thermofluids & Turbomachinery, Photonics, Quantum Computing & Materials, Instrumentation for high precision applications, Materials engineering and testing, Geophysical and Geodynamics applications, Climate dynamics and Earth Observation to mention but a few.
• Access to University facilities: We also act as conduit for industry and business to access the huge range facilities that are available in the academic departments of the university. Thus, testing facilities, small scale manufacturing, prototyping & 3D printing are available for example in our Departments of Physics, Engineering and Materials.


• Additive manufacturing with conductors
o Eliminate traditional wiring, saving space and weight.
o Unique 5-axis robots add power and data functions to products.
o Simplify supply chains and manufacturing.
o Transform productivity with our hardware, software, and support.

University College London UCL/ AcoustoFab

AcoustoFab is a disruptive startup focused on a groundbreaking technology of Acoustophoretic Multi-material Contactless Manufacturing. AcoustoFab combines expertise in computational acoustic holography with innovative sound field manipulation to pioneer adaptive, precise, and ultrasound-driven contactless industry, guaranteeing material versatility and contamination-free processes.

As a true game changer, AcoustoFab is implicitly founded to:
• Address industry challenges that plague current fabrication techniques, ranging from contamination to unsafe handling of reagents, chemicals, biomaterials, food and medicine.
• Enable contactless manipulation and fabrication of both solid and liquid objects in 3D space simultaneously.
• Offer sound manipulating technology applications across various markets, including contactless pick and place, cleaning, and 3D printing.
• Convey a mixed-reality platform for social interactions and visualization of complex simulation datasets in mid-air.
• Create new markets, redefine existing ones and improve overall business efficacy.


iCOMAT offers end-to-end solutions, from initial product design and development to delivering production components.
At the core is the RTS process, which enables highly-optimised composite structures, drastically exceeding the performance of existing technologies.

2.00-4.00: Nanomaterials, sustainable materials, and biomaterials
• With the innovative winding process of Fibraforce Technology, the smart team around Lars Linnemann and Lukas Schulz is revolutionizing the future of lightweight construction. Fibraworks produces multi-layered, multi-directional semi-finished fiber products for cost-effective and sustainable lightweight construction solutions.

Imperial College London

• Design & Fabrication:
o Open-air solid-state welding
o Manufacturing of composite materials and lightweight metal alloys in a more effective way
o 3D Printer Optimisation Software Tools
• 2D/Nano/Design & Fabrication
o Graphene Fluidic exfoliation;
o In-situ measurement for 2d-material exfoliation
• Sustainability
o PET plastic upcycling into clean H2 and valuable chemicals

Manchester University Including The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC)

• The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) helps companies develop and launch new technologies, products and processes that exploit the remarkable properties of graphene and other 2D materials. Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre – The University of Manchester


• Reflow is an award winning social enterprise, dedicated to tackling plastic pollution while creating innovative, scalable, design and manufacturing solutions.
• We believe that the best way to tackle a complicated problem is to come at it from every possible angle. So we’ve assembled a pack of eccentric and talented humans from every discipline and corner of the globe.
• Together, we are sincerely motivated and united by the same great idea. Turning the plastic problem into a creative opportunity. Reflow – harnessing the transformative power of 3D printing (

Uplift 360

• Uplift360 is the world’s only Greentech company focused on circularity for critical high value materials for Defence and Security through the chemical regeneration of advanced materials from waste sources. Our approach develops innovative new processes, using cutting edge ground-breaking science to extend life of materials, adding new value, reducing reliance on strained critical supply chains and making a difference to the prosperity and wellbeing of the UK through the promotion of the circular economy, circular practices and the acceleration of innovative processes and technologies.

Lineat Composites

• Lineat Composites is developing novel fibre alignment technologies to turn short (reclaimed) carbon fibre waste into valuable highly aligned fibre tapes. Due to the high level of alignment, these tapes maintain high performance characteristics carbon fibre composites are known for, whilst enabling vastly improved formability allowing single step forming of complex geometries. And lastly, it closes the loop for carbon fibre via reclamation and re-alignment to substitute virgin material, turning single-use carbon fibre into a multi-use commodity material.


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