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2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

Enabling Innovation

In November 2021 Advanced Engineering once again hosted the Enabling Innovation zone – featuring 8 exciting start-ups selected for their early-stage innovations and inventions.

We’re delighted to announce that Protolaunch successfully secured the prize for 2021 and will be awarded a free full-sized stand at Advanced Engineering 2022! Details of the finalists can be found below…

Interested in applying for 2022?

As part of the UK’s largest annual exhibition for manufacturing, engineering and technology professionals, the Enabling Innovation zone will support smaller enterprises that are eager to accelerate and commercialise their innovation into the advanced manufacturing and technology industries.

Are you an innovative start-up looking for commercialisation or partner opportunities?

Supported and judged by experts at Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, and Innovation DB,  Advanced Engineering welcomes applications from across all engineering sectors, including aerospace, automotive, marine, medical technology, and industrial manufacturing. We expect to see some of the most exciting new technologies and ideas. These could be related to novel materials, design and manufacturing processes, software, machine learning, AI, data, or simply something not yet even considered!

Stay tuned for information about the opening of 2022 applications.

Here are the 10 finalists from 2021...

We’ve worked with judges from our supporters Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Innovation DB – the world’s largest database of innovations – to hone down a lucky selection of truly innovative technologies, from a huge pool of submissions from industry and research.

Protolaunch – 2021 WINNER

Novel Rocket Propulsion for NewSpace Applications – Protolaunch specialises in chemical propulsion and the surrounding sub-systems for in-atmosphere and in-space applications. Protolaunch has a proven record of delviering complex multi-disciplinary propulsion projects for commercial customers and the Eurpoean Space Agency. As an engine supplier for the space industry, our focus is improving manufacturing scalability by eliminating the complexity of turbopumps, without sacrificing performance.

Select Coast Science

Air Quality Monitoring – South Coast Science is a Brighton based manufacturer of precision air quality instruments. Established in 2016, the Praxis/Urban product was developed in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and is now used across seven continents. It can measure up to 9 different environmental parameters simultaneously with data stored locally and automatically uploaded to our Cloud via an open-source analytics platform.


Quantum Dice Ltd

Source-Device Independent, Self-Certifying (DISC) Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) implemented in photonics – Quantum Dice is a multi-award winning Oxford University spin-out with a vision to become the leading developer of photonic solutions for computing and communications. We aim to achieve this by first becoming the leading world-wide supplier of optical quantum random number generators (QRNGs) to the hardware encryption market.

We live in an increasingly digitised world that is expected to be connected through 75 billion smart devices by 2025. All modern-day encryption depends on a source of random numbers. The security of the random number generation is often overlooked. Quantum Dice is pioneering source-device independent, self-certifying (DISC) true random number generation. Our unique QRNG employs advanced integrated photonics technology to product high-quality, certified randomness from an on-chip device. 

Quantum Dice is also based at the Oxford Centre for innovation and is an alumni of the world-leading Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre at University of Bristol and Creative Destruction Lab (Quantum Stream, Toronto). Quantum Dice is currently developing its first miniaturised MVP and beginning demonstrations with industry.


New Interconnect technology providing EMC protection of electrical wiring harnesses – X-Lok’s disruptive Interconnect technology provides EMC protection of electrical wiring harnesses. Unique in matching open sleeve technology to speed installation, repair and maintenance, it saves up to 85% in weight with fewer parts and is 20 times faster to assemble. 3D AM printed in NASA approved CE resin or Titanium for the harshest environments, it will save £millions for our prospective customers in space, commercial and hypersonic aviation and eVTOL with substantial reductions in emissions and fuel burn, contributing to the protection of our fragile environment. X-Lok – smaller – faster – lighter.

Integrals Power Ltd (IPL)

Next-generation battery material and cell – IPL is the UK leader in development of next-generation, non-toxic, high power LFP and LFMP cathode material and cells which offer 25% more specific energy density, higher specific capacity and discharge capability (50-60 C rate) compared to current LFP and conventional batteries, allowing storage of extra electrical energy in weight and volume efficient battery cells that are cost effective and more environmentally friendly.


DONAA delivers a powerful tool to detect defects during 3D printing, enabling customers to save costs and protect the environment – DONAA combines artificial intelligence with material engineering to enable error-free 3D printing.

High value 3D printing is taking over the manufacturing industry and driving industry 4.0. But it’s currently broken. The process is unpredictable, which is a fundamental barrier to adoption for many companies. Not only is it hugely expensive but deadlines are missed and customers are disappointed. 3D printing is essentially welding materials. However, the very short cycles of heating and cooling lead to manufacturing parts that have considerable residual stress. This residual stress can cause distortions or cracks during the manufacturing process. It can also cause premature failures once the part is in use. This is a real problem for high value metallic parts, such as engine blades. 

We are building the world’s first brain-inspired computer vision system to fix that. Our SaaS platform detects defects during the printing process. This approach will save our partners billions in manufacturing costs alone.

Omega Dot Ltd

High speed motor with frictionless air bearing – Air bearings are the future, it opens doors to oil-free, compact and ultra-efficient machines.


Fastt – High flux heat transfer with exceptional temperature range from cryogenic to above 100 degrees Celsius, lightweight heat exchange.

ACPI Ltd were awarded a patent FASTT heat transfer, and earlier this year won the British Engineering Excellence Award in the Materials Application category. The company has previously supplied critical component design and development for ALSTOM power electronic/grid systems – concept through prototype and on to production. ACPI was initially founded to exploit novel composite material insulator developments but is now dedicated to the development of the FASTT heat transfer technology which ultimately may make a difference to the current climate change crisis.

D-Risq Ltd

Automated Formal Verification Techniques – D-RisQ provides automated software verification technologies and development services for embedded real time systems. The techno,ogies enable savings of up to 80% over traditional techniques while providing evidence to meet safety and security standards in any sector.

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