Far-UK Ltd | Sustainability 2022

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Far-UK Ltd – Lightweight Chassis for an Electric Vehicle


What are the sustainable features of your product or service?

NonOilen® is revolutionary material, which perfectly fits the circular economy by: being 100% bio-based – the beginning of the circle starts from the soil, it means that some plant consumed CO2 from the environment first, being recyclable many times with little loss of the properties. Thanks to these, you can cut the source of input materials and reuse the material itself. Once the lifetime is over, it is 100% biodegradable in industrial compost. Here the circle is closing, and the nutrient isolated from the soil are returned for the nature.

Why do you believe your product deserves to be featured on the Sustainability Trail?

It’s not just the product, but the whole Idea. An idea we call “Green Prorotyping”. The aim is to give people and businesses the impetus to produce green. NonOilen also represents the phylosophy of the circular economy. That is, we should not try to use raw materials and then think about disposing. The main point should be that they are reused.

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