FourJaw | Sustainability 2022

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

FourJaw – FourJaw Machine Monitoring Software


What are the sustainable features of your product or service?

Our software monitors and reports on a production machines downtime. By capturing the downtime reasons, the information shows how efficient (sustainable) a production line is, by measuring the machines utilisation, you can then benchmark the data and the factory can identify what is causing the machine, cell or factory to waste machine time and energy. Over time, this information enables manufacturers to improve their productivity, efficiency, reduce product wastage and also enables them to carry out ‘lights out manufacturing’ when energy costs are typically lower thanks to the visibility they get from the machine data.

Why do you believe your product deserves to be featured on the Sustainability Trail?

Sustainability is a wide and far-reaching subject matter. To be sustainable, a manufacturer must first be efficient with the current resources they operate. To do this they need to measure their productivity levels to make sure all equipment (new and old) is running as optimally as possible. Thus reducing wastage, both in terms of raw materials but also time and energy. Our technology offers an affordable and accessible way for manufacturers of all sizes to start to measure and improve their overall equipment effectiveness, by enabling them to understand their past performance, manage their current performance and optimise for the future. Without solutions like ours, machine monitoring was out of reach for many manufacturers, due to cost and resource inhibitors. Now manufacturers, can use machine monitoring to help them on their journey to ‘sustainable manufacturing.

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