CompPair Technologies Ltd | Sustainability 2022

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

 CompPair Technologies Ltd – HealTech


What are the sustainable features of your product or service?

Our innovation is a regenerative resin for composites, enabling a 1-minute repair and better end-of-life management. It provides: i. A lower environmental footprint thanks to our resin’s chemistry (compared to standard industry resins) ii. Out-of-autoclave processing: Lower CO2 emissions for this procedure, compared to many traditional processes for high performance composites iii. Life-time extension: lower CO2 emissions during manufacturing but also during lifetime (due to repair) iv. Recycling the part at its end of life (i) efficient process and (ii) reuse of recovered materials The key element of our innovation is to extend the lifetime of products. This contributes to saving primary resources, but also towards industrial circularity. Our innovation lowers waste reduction, due to our repair capability. Our ultra-fast repair benefits are demonstrated not only during lifetime, but also during manufacturing, which avoids a higher use of raw materials.

Why do you believe your product deserves to be featured on the Sustainability Trail?

CompPair’s solution aims to substitute the current products in the composites industry. Thus, we are not creating additional growth on the market, but replacing current unsustainable options. For every 1kg of CompPair composite used and repaired once, 4kg of CO2 eq. can be saved. In the next 5 years 800’000 kg of CO2 eq. can be avoided if parts are repaired instead of thrown away when damaged (based on our aim to reach 500’000 SQM of sold products). Results show that CompPair’s materials allow -50% reduction in kg CO2 eq. compared to a standard epoxy system. We have the potential to decrease emissions even further by modifying our resin system to include bio-based component. Through our aforementioned work with a sports equipment manufacturer and a ski manufacturer have consolidated our positive impact on the environment. With the sport equipment manufacturer, we demonstrated a 72% decrease in resources. Our work with the ski manufacturer demonstrated a 19% reduction in CO2 emissions.

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