Advanced Engineering Birmingham - AI Driven Physics Simulation

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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Sustainability gains are throughout the design process and supply chain. Our technology will help businesses engineer and bring to market optimised solutions quicker with a reduction in physical testing and prototype parts manufacture. Orders of magnitude faster (near real time) simulation more closely correlated with the real world, and machine learning based design optimisation will facilitate quicker design iteration and analysis, reduced physical testing requirements and HPC energy consumption, whether that be more aerodynamically efficient vehicles (land, air and sea), or optimised component designs hidden from sight delivering game-changing improvements in performance and subsequent reductions in energy consumption.

Our approach to simulation and design optimisation is unique. We are going beyond techniques used by companies ‘accelerating’ simulation or interpolating from ‘big data’ models trained on large datasets. We will help UK business gain competitive advantage in delivering sustainable solutions to market.

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A round up from Advanced Engineering 2023

The UK’s largest annual gathering of engineering and manufacturing professionals, Advanced Engineering, opened its doors once again on November 1 and 2, 2023 at the NEC, Birmingham. Across the two days, 8,943 attendees witnessed the latest innovations that the UK has to offer at Advanced Engineering, making it an extremely busy and energetic event.

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn Statement: a pivotal boost for UK manufacturing and economic future

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement for 2023 was revealed yesterday, bringing a wave of positive news. Among the highlights are the largest tax cut since the 1980s, £45 billion in funding for the British manufacturing sector, and an Investment Zones program targeting industries deemed crucial for the future. The economic challenges that have persisted for some time are now met with a vital boost, particularly benefiting the manufacturing sector, promising long-term stability.

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