Advanced Engineering Birmingham - PRF Composite Materials

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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REEPREG is our new prepreg material made with recycled chopped carbon mat. As the product uses recycled carbon, it offers improved sustainability by increasing the life cycle of carbon trimmings from kit cutting that would ordinarily go to landfill – improving circularity and reducing both landfill and also the energy that would have been used to cure prepreg waste. In the near future, components made using REEPREG will also be recyclable into new REEPREG material, through a limited number of cycles. REEPREG can be manufactured using any of our component prepreg systems, and in combination with our RP570 eXpress cure system we can provide additional sustainability in the significant reduction of energy used in processing. Processing using a heated press, parts can be cured and demoulded after 4 minutes at 140°C – with no cooling or cycling of the mould tool, and no plastic consumables. When processing in autoclave, the time required for processing is also reduced.

There is a real risk of composites becoming the next ‘plastic’ – producing significant amounts of non-degradable waste for landfill. Many manufacturers have tried to produce a prepreg material using recycled chopped carbon mat. We believe that the handleability of REEPREG sets it apart from other recycled mat products; REEPREG is drapeable and easily handled by the constructor, and does not fall apart when used. This material can be used as a surface material or as a core material in combination with our UD and woven prepregs, and offers significant opportunities for constructors looking to improve the sustainability of their manufacturing by including recycled carbon.

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A round up from Advanced Engineering 2023

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn Statement: a pivotal boost for UK manufacturing and economic future

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