Behind the booth: Stories from the Show Floor - meet Ambrell

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Behind the booth: Stories from the Show Floor – meet Scott Miller (Sales Manager, Europe) of Ambrell

London, 16/10/23

  1. What motivated your company to participate in this year’s Advanced Engineering UK event?

Ambrell has attended Advanced Engineering for several consecutive editions. It’s been a great opportunity for us to meet with companies in many of our largest market segments, so it’s been an ideal fit for us and our solutions.

  1. Can you provide a sneak peek into the solutions you’ll showcase at the event?

We’ll showcase our induction heating systems, and encourage visitors to come ready to discuss their heating applications. Induction is a fast, repeatable, efficient, and non-contact method of heating. It offers several advantages to companies needing industrial heating solutions compared to traditional heating methods such as gas torch and oven heating. Additionally, we’ll have Ambrell’s UK representative from our partner Induction Coil Solutions in attendance. They’re based out of Cheltenham and specialize in the design of induction coils and turnkey induction systems.

  1. Are there any industry-specific challenges or opportunities in the UK market that your products or solutions address?

The exciting reality of induction heating is it’s very versatile and has applications that excel across almost all industry segments. Many of Ambrell’s top industry segments are featured at this show including automotive, aerospace/defence, medical manufacturing, and space. A few examples of applications include rotor heating for shaft shrink fitting in automotive, turbine blade applications within aerospace (heat treatment, brazing, or forging), and brazing stainless steel medical parts.

  1. How does your company contribute to sustainability and environmental considerations in the engineering industry?

Induction heating offers several green benefits and one of our focuses is to educate the industry on how induction heating can be an important part of a sustainability initiative. Induction does not consume fossil fuels or produce hazardous emissions and carbon dioxide. Ambrell has a calculator on our website that can show your energy use, energy savings and CO2 reduction when compared to oven heating. Additional benefits of induction include efficiency as it’s instant on/off, it only heats the portion of the part that requires it so there’s less energy loss, and there’s no open flame.

  1. What ongoing efforts does your organisation make to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and maintain a competitive edge in the market?

The Ambrell applications labs are always testing new customer applications, which keeps us on the forefront of what is happening in industry. We also take research and development seriously and our engineering team is always working on enhancements to our solutions. This combination has been a large part of our success as we deliver solutions to customers that have been proven prior to their system purchase, and our systems are known for their dependability and efficiency.

  1. What networking opportunities or collaborations are you hoping to explore during your time at the event?

Advanced Engineering is always a great opportunity to meet with our current customers and connect with future customers. We hope that anyone that is using heating in their process for applications such as brazing, soldering, annealing, bonding, curing, heat staking, forging and shrink fitting to name a few will stop by Ambrell stand L164 so we can learn if induction heating makes sense for their process. We offer free parts testing and would be happy to get that discussion started.

  1. Can you highlight any keynote speeches, workshops, or sessions related to your field of expertise that you’re particularly excited about?

Ambrell works with businesses in every track, so it’s important that we understand trends in those industries. Sustainability and composites seem to be two dominant topics. We certainly work with composites and I highlighted how induction can fit into sustainability initiatives. So those topics are particularly interesting.

by Scott Miller (Sales Manager, Europe) of Ambrell


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