Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's autumn Statement: a pivotal boost for UK manufacturing and economic future

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn Statement: a pivotal boost for UK manufacturing and economic future

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn Statement: a pivotal boost for UK manufacturing and economic future

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement for 2023 was revealed yesterday, bringing a wave of positive news. Among the highlights are the largest tax cut since the 1980s, £45 billion in funding for the British manufacturing sector, and an Investment Zones program targeting industries deemed crucial for the future. The economic challenges that have persisted for some time are now met with a vital boost, particularly benefiting the manufacturing sector, promising long-term stability.

The Chancellor, in his statement, not only emphasised a significant boost in quality jobs over the next decade but also allocated £50 million for engineering apprenticeships. This move is a proactive step toward addressing the ongoing discussion on skills, aiming to bridge the gap and ensure the survival and growth of the industry.

Autumn Statement for 2023 reflects a strategic and comprehensive approach to address economic challenges, support key sectors, and invest in the future of the UK. The emphasis on manufacturing, green industries, digital technology, and education highlights a commitment to long-term economic growth, innovation, and sustainability.

The substantial financial boost to manufacturers creates a ripple effect for events like Advanced Engineering UK. With increased funding, manufacturers may feel more empowered to participate and showcase their latest products and advancements at the event. This elevates the quality of exhibits and transforms the space into a dynamic platform for discussions on cutting-edge technologies and industrial innovations.

During this year’s edition, the automotive sector had a strong presence, with representatives from MIG Engineering, Lotus, Warwick Racing, BAC Mono, and more. A focus on supporting the automotive sector and projects with zero emissions aligns seamlessly with the prevailing trends in the industry. The emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness in the automotive sector is a response to global concerns and a strategic move towards future-proofing the industry.

Key Highlights for Manufacturers, Net Zero Goals, and Education System:

• Investment in Manufacturing and Growth Sectors:
The manufacturing sector, constituting a significant portion of the UK’s economy, is set to receive substantial support. Chancellor Hunt announced a £4.5 billion fund to unlock private investment in strategic manufacturing sectors. Specific allocations include £2 billion for the automotive sector, £975 million for aerospace, £520 million for life sciences, and £960 million for green industries, fostering clean energy manufacturing capacity.
Advanced manufacturing, leveraging the UK’s R&D capabilities, is a key focus, with the government supporting innovation across the sector. The Advanced Manufacturing Plan and UK Battery Strategy are set to be published soon, outlining further actions.
• Boosting Green Industries:
The Autumn Statement allocates funds to support the government’s plans for net zero and energy security. A £960 million Green Industries Growth Accelerator (GIGA) will catalyze investments in manufacturing capabilities for clean energy sectors, ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of the global green economy.
• Digital Technology and AI:
Recognizing the transformative power of digital technologies, the government is actively investing in AI and digital technology. The UK, already a leader in AI, is set to further develop its capabilities with a £500 million investment in AI compute over the next two financial years. This investment aims to unlock the potential of AI across various sectors, including life sciences and drug discovery.
• Long-term Investment in Skills and Education:
Ensuring Britain’s prosperity for future generations involves building a world-class education and skills system. The government’s commitment to year-on-year increases in school funding, the Lifelong Learning Entitlement, and the introduction of the Advanced British Standard underscores its dedication to investing in human capital.

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