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The UK's leading annual gathering of OEMs and engineering supply chain professionals

2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

Smart badge technology: your e-business card

When you visit Advanced Engineering, there is no need to lug heavy brochures around!

Your badge acts as your ‘virtual event bag’, which when touched on an exhibitor’s badge reader will store a list of exhibitors. Not only is this technology easy to use and better for the environment, but it also has the safety of touch-free technology.

After the event, you will receive an email with the details of the exhibitors you scanned.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

The Advanced Engineering Smart Badge technology is simple, easy to use and has multiple benefits. Simply touch the reader with your badge, the green light glows and the reader beeps. Once you’ve done this you’ll get an email later in the day with the exhibitor’s information!

Multiple shows under one roof

Source products and discover new technologies across Advanced Engineering’s co-locating show zones. It’s the UK’s only event truly able to introduce you to new technologies and products in less familiar but parallel manufacturing sectors

Aero Engineering

Composites Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Advanced Metals

Connected Manufacturing

Space & Satellite

Product Testing & QC

What's on

With so much to see and do at Advanced Engineering 2022, there’s never been a better way to justify your time out the office!

Enabling Innovation

Enabling Innovation

Find out more about the Enabling Innovation show zone!
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Multiple open forums

Open forums

Advanced Engineering boasts several open forums packed with ground-breaking content from expert speakers.
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Contact the Team

Contact the Team

Interested in exhibiting or visiting? Get in touch with the team.
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