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2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC, Birmingham

Aligned Vision

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Aligned Vision specializes in smart automation solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries using AI-based automatic vision inspection technologies and CAD-directed 3D laser projection. We have pioneered enabling technologies for the digital factory since 1988, helping to accelerate quality manufacturing. Breakthrough technologies in our portfolio include AI-based LASERVISION, providing in-process automatic inspection of nearly any visible attribute within a giant field of view and without disrupting production operations; LASERGUIDE CAD-directed industrial 3D laser projection for templating and operator guidance; and BUILDGUIDE electronic process control, enabling your engineers to easily generate a bill of process (BOP) and electronic work instructions, which operators follow using smart mobile devices. All the manufacturing intelligence and documentation generated by our systems – both images and data – automatically populate the as-built Digital Twin. Aligned Vision solutions offer out-of-the-box benefits immediately and serve as building blocks for the fully integrated digital factory of the future.



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