Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials UK Ltd - Advanced Engineering Birmingham

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials UK Ltd

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials UK Ltd

About us

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation is a specialty materials provider with an unwavering commitment to lead with innovative solutions to achieve KAITEKI, the well-being of people and the planet. We bring deep expertise and material science leadership in core market segments such as mobility, digital, food, and medical. In this way, we enable industry transformation, technology breakthroughs, and longer, more fruitful lives for us all.
Together, around 70,000 employees worldwide provide advanced chemistry-based solutions to deliver the core elements of our slogan — “Science. Value. Life.”

As part of MCG, the Engineering Shapes & Solutions Division is a leading manufacturer of high-performance engineering materials, incl. thermoplastic shapes, composites, carbon fibers, and bio-based resins. Offering expertise, unique tools, technologies, and superior products that can outperform metals MCG provides today’s widest range of advanced engineering materials: high-performance thermoplastics, boundary-pushing composites, and circular solutions for a sustainable future.

With Statera™ Circular Solutions MCG supports their customers in realizing the transition to engineering plastics with recycled content without interruption or performance compromise. Statera™ is an end-to-end offering of industrial plastic recycling solutions designed to provide a seamless path to more sustainable engineering.
The three-pronged program encompasses:

1) Sterra™, a growing portfolio of high-performance engineering plastics with recycled content
2) Access to in-depth environmental lifecycle assessment (LCA) data
3) Extensive takeback programs for production scrap and end-of-life parts

MCG works alongside engineers, fabricators, TIERs, OEMs, and suppliers around the world, providing services and expertise that generate tailored solutions, build innovative partnerships, and improve application efficiencies across an extensive range of leading industries.


Statera™ Circular Solutions

Statera™ Circular Solutions

Sustainability is no longer an aspirational goal, it’s a business-critical requirement. With Statera™, you can make the transition to engineering plastics with recycled content without

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5.	FMC Forged Molding Compound

5. FMC Forged Molding Compound

HIGH PRODUCTION RATE. COMPLEX PARTS. HIGH STRENGTH. Composite properties: Composite properties – Quasi-isotropic properties – Thermoset matrix resin selection from epoxy, vinyl ester or biobased

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High-performance and advanced engineering plastics

Advanced engineering plastics

Mitsubishi Chemical Group offers the largest portfolio of high-performance and advanced engineering plastic products accredited multiple approvals and certifications for numerous applications in demanding sectors

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