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MTAG Composites are one of the largest manufacturers of composite parts in the UK and have developed a complete production system with the ability to manufacture moulds on site, produce painted glass and carbon fibre parts to incredibly high standards whilst using technology and traditional skills to keep cost low. The company successfully manufactures parts for the rail, aerospace, automotive and leisure sectors manufacturing train interiors, aircraft seating, performance car body parts and pleasure craft amongst others.

We specialise in closed vacuum assisted injection RTM, vacuum infusion RTM, hand-lay moulding, solid closed moulding and silicon vacuum bagging for small, medium and over size products. We offer rapid tooling and short run capabilities in addition to the capacity to manufacture for extended contract duration’s on national and international projects. Through the use of CNC pattern making, portable 3D scanning and robotic trimming and drilling we can deliver parts to market on reduced lead times and maintain high standards through our skilled operators who are focused on delivering high quality.



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