Bcomp – Advanced Engineering Birmingham

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham


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Melker of Sweden’s paddle
Melker of Sweden’s Melker Arkö is an innovative paddle made with Bcomp’s technical flax fabrics. The Arkö is a unique paddle which unites innovative design, traditional craftsmanship, natural beauty, and technical performance of the highest level.

K2 Skis
K2’s Dispatch ski range is using Bcomp’s proprietary flax fibre technology, ampliTex™ which has been integrated into the ski’s construction, providing added reinforcement and improved suspension compared to a conventional high-end composite layup. This addition of unidirectional natural fibres allows the skis to track in variable terrain with improved damping and composure for ultimate performance and comfort without compromising weight.

EGT Tesla front bumper
In the summer of 2018, the EGT Electric Production Car Series presented the very first Tesla Model S P100D race car to the public in Barcelona. The unique Electric GT race car was built with a complete bodywork from Bcomp’s ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ flax fibre technologies, contributing to reducing the car’s weight by 500 kg compared to the production model while significantly lowering the eco-footprint, and eliminating the risk of sharp carbon fibre debris.

Porsche GT4 interior part
Swiss sustainable lightweighting company, Bcomp, has developed a high-performance natural fibre composite interior together with Porsche for their Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 CS. The interior parts were manufactured using Bcomp’s innovative ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ technologies, which harness the natural advantages of flax fibre. The powerRibs™ reinforcement grid uses the high specific bending stiffness of flax to build up height very efficiently, boosting the flexural stiffness of thin-walled shell elements significantly. The parts made with ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ are not only light but also very safe as there are no sharp edges or splinters in the event of a crash or collision.

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