Rotary Position Sensors – Advanced Engineering Birmingham

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham


A wide variety of technologies to measure rotary position either for Test & Measurement, Motorsport or OEM solutions. Rotary position sensor options include Rotary Potentiometers with precision conductive plastic resistive track, proven to over 25 million cycles available with either potentiometric or analogue output, Hall Effect non-contact Rotary. Capable of 175 Deg C and choices of single/dual output, voltage supply options, flange mounts, IP67 and shaft couplings. RVDTs (Rotary Variable Differential Transformer), Rotary encoders, Servo potentiometers or even RVITs (Rotary variable inductance transducer).

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