Viscometer Calibration & Repair – Advanced Engineering Birmingham

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham


AML’s engineers are all highly trained and experienced in viscometer calibration. All viscometer and flow cup calibrations performed with UKAS certified calibration oils

We provide viscometer calibration service and are able to calibrate and service a large range of viscometer and flow cup types from most manufacturers. We also offer rotational viscometer calibration, brookfield viscometer calibration service and dip cup calibration.

The Brookfield Viscometer calibration service and Sheen Viscometers are the most common viscometers we calibrate but we are by no means limited to just these brands. We undertake a large number of viscosity flow cup calibrations and dip cup calibration from Elcometer, Sheen & QC Labs.

As well as offering a viscometer calibration service we can also repair most types and manufactures of viscometer.

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