Enabling Innovation

30 & 31 October 2024

NEC, Birmingham

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30 & 31 Oct 2024 | NEC Birmingham

Enabling Innovation at Advanced Engineering

Discover the next-generation technology that will drive UK manufacturing and design

Applications now open for 2024!

As part of the UK’s largest annual event for manufacturing, engineering and technology professionals, the Enabling Innovation zone supports smaller enterprises that are eager to accelerate and commercialise their innovation into the advanced manufacturing and technology industries.

How do I enter?

It couldn’t be simpler! To enter simply…

  1. If you’re a Start-up or SME and would like to be involved, fill out the submission form below
  2. If selected, you’ll receive an exhibiting pod free of charge at Advanced Engineering 2024
  3. Pitch your product in one of the forums to the judges and industry experts
  4. If chosen as the winner, you’ll receive a free full-sized stand in 2025!

Hear from the Enabling Innovation 2023 winner

Supported by

Supported and judged by experts at Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, and Innovation DB,  Advanced Engineering welcomes applications from across all engineering sectors. When it comes to Enabling Innovation, the sky is the limit!

Sponsored by Xometry

At Advanced Engineering, we’re proud to join forces with Xometry, a trailblazer in on-demand manufacturing, to sponsor the “Enabling Innovation” feature tailored for startups.

 Xometry has generously pledged £2000 towards the build parts of the winning project in our Enabling Innovations initiative. This contribution will provide invaluable support to bring the winning idea to life. We extend our deepest gratitude to Xometry for its commitment to fostering innovation and empowering startups. Together, we’re propelling the future of industry-changing projects.

Here's who you missed in the Enabling Innovation Zone 2023

Meet the Enabling Innovation Zone companies


Founded in 2018, and based between London and Amsterdam, Batch.Works specialises in distributed manufacturing using 3D-print technologies to make parts and products from recycled and responsibly sourced materials. Batch.Works partners with international designers and brands to find new ways of incorporating biodegradable and recycled materials into commercial production processes. By using the latest technology to make local design and manufacturing available globally, the company aims to upend conventional production models and pioneer a new way of making that is efficient, zero-waste and eco-friendly.


Benedex LTD

Revolutionize the mobile robotics industry with Benedex LTD’s game-changing innovation, Modular Mobility. Our groundbreaking product empowers builders of modular robots to unlock new levels of speed, simplicity, and cost-efficiency in creating mobile robots. With our cutting-edge technology, designing a mobile base tailored to your specific payload becomes a breeze. No longer constrained by inboard motors, our modular approach simplifies the entire process, saving you time, resources, and headaches. Step into the future of mobile robotics with Benedex LTD – Keep it simple and build smart.


Cleopa GmbH

At Cleopa GmbH we are experts in innovation. We have been working for over 25 years on bringing the latest innovations to market together with our global partners in RDI, industry and the public sector. As an SME with a team of over 20 international talents specializing in renewable energy, project management, user experience as well as business development and innovation, we are always agile with our work, making sure to bring added value to all our customers, project team members and public officials. Our roots are in Germany, but our team spans the globe, including our dedicated employees and trusted colleagues in universities, leading companies and influential EU and other public bodies. Leveraging our own resources and network we take a proactive approach to innovation, focusing on energy-related applications, smart mobility and smart housing or intelligent industrial solutions. Sustainability and responsibility are at the core of our actions, and they are showcased in our focus on renewable energy, energy saving and smart applications, as well as in our commitment to circular design, Life Cycle Management, and overall sustainability.


Domin are using world-class design and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to revolutionise industries with ground-breaking hydraulic solutions. Domin’s transformative hydraulic systems leverage our core technology, including additive manufacturing that allows us to create small complex structures, cutting-edge electronics, brushless DC motors, and modern sensors to build hydraulic components and sub-systems that increase the efficiencies of systems from 23% to up to 90%, and will help save one gigaton of CO2 every year by 2030.


Extend Robotics

Extend Robotics was founded in 2019. The founding team marries brilliant PostDoc-level technical minds from Imperial College London with commercial expertise garnered in the telecoms and energy sectors. 

We have built AMAS Solution to break the geographical limitation, and to save labour and travel costs. At Extend Robotics, we create an environment where people can work safely and away from hazard.


R6EV Ltd

The R6-H2 engine (rotary 6 phase, hydrogen fuelled) can deliver a step change in zero-carbon power for the hardest to reach medium & heavy-duty transport sectors, as a hydrogen fuelled rotary range-extender (mobile electricity generator), with similar efficiency to a fuel cell and similar power density to a turbine, for less than one tenth of the cost of either by 2030. The R6-H2 engine with its revolutionary thermodynamic cycle, is capable of superseding the 19th century Otto and Diesel cycles and is predicted to be the definitive hydrogen engine for the 21st Century, because it is capable of >50% brake thermal efficiency, 5:1 power-to-weight ratio and $20-40/kW cost by 2030. The R6-H2 engine has strategic potential to support the UK Hydrogen Strategy by slashing the capital costs of new and retrofitted hydrogen-electric powered vehicles for land, air and sea, driving demand for hydrogen fuelling infrastructure and achieving national ambitions for net zero, global H2 market leadership and regional economic levelling up.

OxDrive Ltd

OxDrive produces in-wheel electric drive (e-hubs) designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of Agritech, construction and associated electric off-highway applications. Unique in their durability, torque and compact size, OxDrive e-hubs offer the very best performance whilst reducing R&D and component cost. OxDrive e-hubs are an essential system for electric autonomous vehicles, enabling the drive towards Net Zero and maximised yield/efficiency.



Qube Buildings

The Bio-SIP™ single-component sustainable building system is poised to revolutionise the construction of small dwellings and structures. This innovative system is exclusively manufactured from recycled plastic and natural materials. Utilizing rapidly renewable natural fibres such as hemp or flax fibres, which boast the exceptional ability to sequester 160% of their own weight in CO2 emissions. The market potential of the Bio-SIP™ Building System is on the cusp of extraordinary growth, poised to revolutionise the construction industry and potentially attain a huge market valuation. Fuelled by the escalating demand for sustainable and passive building solutions, which no doubt will expected to become legally mandated. The Bio-SIP™ brand is strategically positioned to expand globally, emerging as the leading and versatile building method that delivers truly carbon-neutral buildings throughout their entire lifespan. As for the current valuation of our asset, it remains indeterminate, owing to the unique and groundbreaking nature of the product. Nevertheless, considering its disruptive potential and the future robust market demand, there exists the possibility of a valuation reaching into the billions in British pounds.


TACTUN (a company in stealth mode) is revolutionizing the industrial machinery landscape with its universal programmable automation controller (PAC) and software platform. This cutting-edge technology empowers equipment manufacturers to streamline their manufacturing processes, reduce lead times, and develop intelligent and highly competitive products. Designed specifically for the Industrial IoT sector, TACTUN offers a unique advantage by eliminating the need for programming knowledge to configure its platform. It is like a Raspberry PI for advanced machinery and equipment. While various vendors cater to process control and manufacturing automation, there is currently no single platform that seamlessly integrates into the final product or equipment. Initially targeting the niche industry of mechanical testing equipment manufacturers, TACTUN’s first release is set to transform the way these manufacturers operate.

Volador FlyTech

Volador FlyTech pioneers aerospace and next-gen battery innovation, specialising in eVTOL aircraft and advanced battery systems. We’re on a mission to revolutionise urban air mobility, with a unique, proprietary semi-autonomous control system enhancing safety and reliability. Our distinctiveness lies in our cutting-edge liquid immersion cooled battery tech, designed for eVTOLs and cross-sector applications alike. We are pushing urban air transport and energy storage boundaries, contributing to a greener future. Our experienced team focus on eVTOLs, especially in emergency response and urban air mobility. Our novel batteries power diverse applications like homes, logistics, and soon, automotive. Volador FlyTech is an innovative force, shaping sustainable urban transport and advanced battery systems.

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